People on Our Map

NO to offshore oil

Reef Quotes Worth Sharing by People of Belize

I’m always so proud of Belizeans coming together when it matters most. In this past week alone we have seen several groups at home raising their voices against offshore oil exploration in their own unique ways. It is humbling to see people’s reactions when you bring up the Belize Barrier ...
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Toshiya Tsujimoto

Sushi is the Star when Japan Meets Belize

There is a new Japanese Chef in town and he has everyone talking about Sushi! I always enjoy writing about People on our Map that join us from far away places. This reminds me of how special and culturally diverse Belize is. We are lucky to be able to learn skills ...
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Garifuna of Belize

Garifuna Settlement Day in the Heart of Culture Town

On the days leading to November 19th Belize is bustling with energy, drumming, food and the black, white and yellow colors of the Garifuna Flag.  Dorian and I decided 2016 was the year to experience Garifuna Settlement Day in Dangriga, the Culture Capital of Belize. We were so determined to immerse ...
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Art, Happiness and a Bit of Splashing Around

I recently came across a quote that reads, "Art is you being free of all of the wold's heaviness" and I could not agree more with its unknown author. Imagine a place where you can relax, be yourself, put some colors together, create your own masterpiece and do it all with ...
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How I became a Millionaire on World Smile Day

I love October for countless reasons, but one just jumped to the top of the list.  Every year on World Smile Day we are called to "Do an act of kindness. Help one person smile". Did you know that this movement was initiated by the creator of the smiley face, Harvey ...
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Rebecca Rath in a moment with her father, Tony Rath

Rebecca Rath, Belize’s Newly Crowned Warrior

I never met Rebecca Rath before the Miss Belize Universe 2016 pageant, yet I became instantly drawn to her spirit. I’m an observer. I’ve been known to overanalyse things quite a bit. Sometimes, this skill becomes a highlighter of beautiful things that would otherwise be left unnoticed. Since we now ...
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This Is San Pedro Strong

It’s been on everyones mind lately and it weighs more than most Sanpedranos can bare. A fire in San Pedro, one night, 11 buildings, 27 families, 88 people who lost it all. Immediately after our first news report the outpour of concerned calls and messages overwhelmed our phones, websites and ...
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Can We Change the World with Hugs? – I Trust You

If it's okay with you guys I'm going to tell a different kind of story today. A little after iTravel Belize was launched we decided that aside from the featured articles about our country we had to each have a space that was more personal where we could share our ...
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A Walk through Food and Culture – Belize Food Tours

I’m gonna quote my daughter and say “Belize Food Tours - Best idea EVER”! My curiosity got to me when Dora and Felipe came by with a goodie box filled with surprises and a special invite. No, I could not wait until the tour to find out what this was ...
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A Couple of Mayan Making Magic

There’s a tiny little room “a bean-throw away from downtown San Ignacio”, in the Cayo district, where you smell the magic walking in.  Ok, for those of you that don’t know I’m a chocoholic that sounded strange.  No, I am not talking puffs of smoke and incantations; I’m talking the ...
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