What is Maxi’s and Why is Everyone Talking About It?

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What is Maxi’s?  The question started popping up on social media on Saturday night as Facebook check-ins and Instagram posts drew curious minds to inquire.

Maxi’s is the newest gastronomic adventure by internationally acclaimed Chef Jennie Staines.  Owned by her mother Elvi Staines and managed by her son Oscar Pinelo and her niece Elvie Guerrero, it’s another family owned an operated establishment by the Staines family. Its soft opening on March 4th came almost surprisingly since the small business doesn’t even have a sign up yet.  Still, crowds swarmed to the inviting atmosphere.

What’s with the name Maxi’s?

Maxi Enrique Staines

Maxi Enrique Staines, he was a sociable gentleman full of vibrant energy and a playful soul.  He was stylish, elegant and honest.  He honored his wife, Elvia Staines, through hard work and dedication to Elvi’s Kitchen, now a legacy bearing her name.  “It’s time we honored our father like we have honored our mom, Ms. Elvie for forty years.  We all want his name to live on as much as mom’s.” exclaimed Chef Jennie proudly.

Am I biased?

Yes, totally! Maxi Enrique was my grandfather and the thought of his memory being honored by our family touches a very special place in my heart.  Maxi’s is a creative reflexion of the foods and things he loved and his fun and stylish character.  Coffee Bar by day and Gastro Bar by night, Maxi’s is sure to become another local favorite. For now, it will be opening at 3p.m., but Chef Jennie promises new opening hours and a unique breakfast menu soon!

What can you expect at Maxi’s?

MOJITOS! Of course you can have wine or your favorite cocktail with your tapas, but mojitos made with fresh cane juice are the specialty at Maxi’s.  My favorite and a must try is the Watermelon Mojito!

Watermelon Mojito at Maxi's

Watermelon Mojito

Asian Crab Wrap

Asian Crab Wrap

Needless to say, if my aunt Jennie is involved, the food is something to write home about! Having over 30 years of experience in the culinary field and countless awards and recognitions in her name Chef Jennie is a prodigy of food in Belize.

The staff at Maxi’s if fun, young and inviting and so is the atmosphere. Don’t forget to read the clever T-shirt quotes on the staff’s back while you’re there.  I guarantee a chuckle or two at that.

I’m very excited to see what new surprises Chef Jennie and her team have in store for us! Have you been to Maxi’s yet? How was your experience? Let me know in the comment section below.

Cheese Dip at Maxi's

Carnitas Cheese and Chaya Dip

Sorrel BBQ Ribs at Maxi's

Sorrel BBQ Ribs

Jalapeño Poppers at Maxi's

Jalapeño Poppers



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  1. Love it! Great food and awesome atmosphere! Proud of my family especially my 85 year old mother who is still very involved in what she invests in! Here is to 40 years of Maxi’s!

  2. …had the Belizean Poutine on opening night. It was very nice. Looking forward to try a taste of everything on the menu. The perfect sort of place for a late evening snack. Very comfortable atmosphere…cordial staff. With Chef Jennie’s talent…it has to be great!!

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