Art, Happiness and a Bit of Splashing Around

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I recently came across a quote that reads, “Art is you being free of all of the wold’s heaviness” and I could not agree more with its unknown author. Imagine a place where you can relax, be yourself, put some colors together, create your own masterpiece and do it all with great company. I know a place and I love the company.

Belizean Melody Art Gallery

Belizean Melody Art Gallery

I absolutely adore this woman and could tell stories about her all day. She is not funny, she is hilarious, kind hearted and hard working. I couldn’t be more proud of her latest venture. Truly Sanpedrana, there are few locals who do not know Melody Sanchez Wolfe. From helping feed the less fortunate in town, to organizing volunteer work on the island, she’s put in her fair share of community service and yet found the time to become a successful business woman.

Her Art Gallery, Belizean Melody, just announced it’s new and much improved location to the north side of the island. After months of juggling hospital visits and work, Dorian and I were way past due for a relaxation session. We remembered that we had a couple unfinished art pieces at Melody’s gallery and decided to make an evening of it.

Since this is not her first move, we were anxious to see what new surprises she had in store for us. With every change she makes she takes a giant step towards improving herself, her services and her space.

“Free AC, we’re cool like that”, the sign outside made me giggle before we even stepped in.

Totally expect a happy mood with anything involving Melody.  Dorian and I were thrilled with the reveal! It’s bigger, it’s better and the ideas wouldn’t stop spilling out of her. They were like popcorn out of our new air popper as she showed us around.  It’s brilliant! All of it! Her excitement was contagious!

The space is warm, very inviting and as colourful as Melody’s personality. She is still offering Paint N Splash at Crazy Canucks on Thursdays, as she has for 5 years, and is also available for private bookings. Her gallery is now big enough to host paint parties on site too!  Kids young and old can enjoy the space. She has a special children’s class on Saturdays at 10a.m., but also by appointment for private lessons.

“I’m reserving Fridays to just chill!” Melody explained. “I want people to have a space to come socialize, bring their own wine and listen to fun music.  I’ll bring the cheese dip.”

So, for a small corkage fee, take your favourite wine, your favorite people and get rid of the world’s heaviness.  We enjoyed the painting, the splashing and the giggling about random every day silliness.  As Melody says, “Art should be fun!” I have a feeling we will be visiting often and hope to see some familiar faces and maybe even make new friends!

I’m loving the new home of Belizean Melody Art Gallery.  I see many beautiful memories getting ready to unfold in its brand new space. There is great pleasure in creating and even more when you are doing it with friends… and wine or whatever you prefer to splash around!

Let me know what you think in the comments bellow or like us on Facebook and send us a pic of your masterpiece!

Belizean Melody Art Gallery

The start of my painting at the old gallery

Belizean Melody Art Gallery

Our finished Art at the Belizean Melody Art Gallery

Belizean Melody Art Gallery

Belizean Melody Art Gallery
Belizean Melody Art Gallery



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