Can We Change the World with Hugs? – I Trust You

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If it’s okay with you guys I’m going to tell a different kind of story today. A little after iTravel Belize was launched we decided that aside from the featured articles about our country we had to each have a space that was more personal where we could share our passions as we travel. I thought long and hard about the type of stories I would tell and the name of my personal space. “People on Our Map” was born because people and the connections and bonds that we make on our travels are what move me the most on our journey.  Sharing the stories of those amazing people with you makes me happy and I’m only just getting started.

Today I’d like to tell you about my newest friend, Virginia Salas Kastilo, who I know as Gini or on Snapchat @ginicanbreathe. This story is different because she is not from Belize like everyone else I write about. In fact, she is not even in Belize. I have never actually met her in person, but I trust her. Crazy right?


Gini is a happiness researcher. She has conducted many social experiments including removing her clothes in public places and having people draw hearts on her body to support self acceptance.  Her bravery is inspiring.  Her mission “to create Global Happiness through Conscious Acts of Kindness”.

Her most recent movement is one that has touched me personally.  You see, it involves hugs.  A small circle of friends from my high school days can tell you they once nicknamed me “hugaholic” because I shared more hugs than “normal” people.  Well, my friend Gini is about to make hugs a whole lot more “normal” and I’m super excited about it!

The “I Trust You” Movement is simple and designed to bring people closer together one hug at a time.  A shirt with the symbol for “i trust you” is sold to members or ambassadors of the movement only.  Anyone seen with this shirt can be considered trustworthy and agrees to be hugged by anyone at any time.  I can’t wait until the entire world recognizes this symbol and hugs just start flowing all over our beautiful planet!

With recent attacks on humanity and fear of each other consuming us, too many of us have lost trust.  This movement is a breath of fresh air and truly necessary.

I have joined Gini’s “I Trust You” movement and am now proudly one of almost 300 members.  I too believe we can change the world one hug at a time and the world needs this change. I can’t wait to wear my “I Trust You” shirt but please, if you see me before then hug me anyway.

I leave you with this video of Gini and Nick and hope that you take a moment to help us share their message.  If we’re not already friends on Snapchat add me @amberbelize 🙂

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