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About Our iTravel Belize Family is a website born out of a journalist’s love for his country. After 15 years of bringing positive news and promoting Ambergris Caye through Ambergris Today, Dorian Nuñez realized that his passion for discovering the entire country needed a place to grow and so iTravel Belize came to be.
What started as a blog on Ambergris Today to document his personal travels through the country, has grown into a website to guide travelers to the best locations and attractions our country has to offer.  With so many places to visit and people to meet, Dorian could no longer do it alone and so our family of travel bloggers was born. We are dedicated to discovering and boasting Belize from its exotic destinations to its diverse culture and people. Whether you are looking for your next adventure or simply love to learn about different places and cultures, our iTravel Belize family will provide you with everything you need to know about Belize.

Meet the machine that runs our little factory of articles, blogs, videos, and everything we do to show you Belize in the closest most exciting way possible.
Our styles are all unique from our interests to our approach to writing and depicting different views of what makes Belize amazing, but in the end we are one family brining you the best of Belize through our personal blogs about the country.
So walk alongside Dorian’s “traveling feet”, meet the “people on our map” with Amber or see Belize through a child’s eye in “Madi in the Middle“. Follow us on Facebook and tell your friends about us! We all really appreciate your support and love sharing our country with you!


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