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Cassava Bread

Making Cassava Bread in the Heart of Belize’s Culture Town

When I think of cassava, I immediately associate it with the Garifuna culture of Belize. Its a staple food for them. They fish, grow cassava and other Carib crops like plantains to make fufu. Coconut milk, garlic, basil, black pepper, plantain, bananas, chicken and fish are also key ingredients in ...
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Eight Instagram Moments at Villa Margarita Hopkins

Eight Instagramable Photos at Villa Margarita, Hopkins

Our stay at Villa Margarita was brief. We only stayed one night as we moved from Hopkins village further down south to Placencia. Still, it was a relaxing getaway with a sandy beach and picturesque view at our doorstep. Villa Margarita is a beautiful three story dwelling with expansive amenities ...
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Corozal Corn Coconut Barbeque Festival

Corn, Coconut, Barbeque Fest in Corozal Town

We did not see a lot of corn, coconut or BBQ, but what we did see was a community getting together to organize a festival that will help enhance the Corozal Town Area. What we did was jump right in and participate in a couple of the fun events at ...
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Rio Blanco Falls, Toledo District

Plunge Into Rio Blanco Falls

They are magical; they are mystical, they are magnificent. Who doesn’t like visiting waterfalls? Big or small, there is just something awe-inspiring about them. When we are out on a road trip, we are always on the lookout. Belize is full of them and while some take hour hikes to ...
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Lobsterfest Placencia

Sun, Sand, Sea and Lobster in Placencia

Placencia Lobsterfest lived up to its expectations. It delivered three days of entertainment by the sea as vendors set up their booths to prepare the tastiest of lobster dishes and promote their services and products. It’s three days that you spend in the popular peninsula of Belize, enjoying the sights ...
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