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Reef Quotes Worth Sharing by People of Belize

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I’m always so proud of Belizeans coming together when it matters most. In this past week alone we have seen several groups at home raising their voices against offshore oil exploration in their own unique ways. It is humbling to see people’s reactions when you bring up the Belize Barrier Reef in a conversation.

Save our Reef, say NO to offshore oil

The first step is coming together…

My memories of Sea Turtles, Dolphins, Sharks and simply swimming along the reef were a highlight of my childhood. It’s something I share with great pride. I would hope one day Madi has nothing but amazing memories of the reef to tell her children as well.

The threat to our Barrier Reef is not something our people should be facing. We have made it clear that as a country we DO NOT support offshore oil exploration. Why then are we still talking about this? I reached out to Belizeans to hear their thoughts…

Hope… this is the lingering feeling after hearing so many friends and neighbors speak up for what they believe is right.  There are so many People On Our Map who are a source of inspiration.  Doing the right thing is usually far from easy, but together we can protect the vital ecosystem that is our magnificent Belize Barrier Reef.  Start by sharing this video with everyone you think can benefit from it.  Teachers share it with your students, parents share it with your children, leaders share it with your teams!

Let’s all be brave together and make our stance clear on offshore oil in Belize.  NO MEANS NO!

Save our Reef, say NO to offshore oil

My angry at offshore oil face is worst than my cry face!

Reef Quotes worth sharing

This is for us, this marine life, this beautiful barrier reef, the ocean, there is so much more that we need to learn from the ocean itself. We cannot destroy it! -Artemio Marin
It’s not just important to me or to Belize, it’s important to the whole world. It’s like a World Thing! -Findley Halliday
How do you want to be remembered later… in the future? Because right now some people might be afraid of speaking out, but regardless of their political affiliation, when we get affected there is no divide there… we all get affected. – Ruben Navidad
For an income, for my children’s future, it’s important to fishermen… I mean, this list is endless! -Charlie Jones
All these departments, the BTB, fisheries, they are doing amazing things to protect our reef, we don’t want their silence on this issue to overshadow all the great things they are doing -Kristin Marin
I would really want everybody, every single Belizean regardless of where you are working or where you are living, to weigh in on this, because it is all too clear that every single Belizean will be affected in some way, shape or form by what is allowed to happen offshore. – Janelle Chanona
Offshore oilin… I hope ih nevah happen, even afta I gahn. -Coconut Leo


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