10 Things You can Still do in Belize after Hurricane Earl

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You saw it on the news, Hurricane Earl hit Belize and caused quite a bit of damage, but we are resilient and pushing through beautifully.  The past few days have seen people coming together and working overtime to bring this jewel back to a normal state.  Here are just ten of many things you can still do even after Hurricane Earl in Belize.

1. Go Diving

We are ecstatic to report that our gorgeous barrier reef suffered minimal damage during Hurricane Earl.  The islands in Belize suffered damage to most boat docks with a lot of them being completely destroyed, but no worries, Belizeans are great at improvising and we can pick you up on the beach instead. Places like Ambergris Divers, Ramon’s Dive Shop, Amigos del Mar and Chuck and Robbie’s, to name a few are already operating less than a week after Earl hit our shore. So that dive or snorkeling trip to Belize is still a must-do on your bucket list.


Ambergris Divers operating from their sub-location at Sunbreeze Hotel until further notice


No pier, no problem; Ramon’s Village Dive Shop is operating right off the beach

2. Party On A Boat

Wanna snorkel or swim with sharks, but can’t stop the party?  No problem, the YOLO is ready to take you out for some fun in the sun or a relaxing sunset cruise with Island Dream Tours.


3. Say “I Do”

Dream of getting married on a Mayan Temple or on an island in the sun?  Dreams still come true in Belize! Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Walters on celebrating their union at Victoria House only two days after Earl hit our shores.


4. Enjoy Local Favourite Foods

Don’t worry our restaurants are fully functional and ready to serve you!  Chef Jennie is back in action promoting sustainable fishing and serving it all up in style at Elvi’s Kitchen.

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Those local favorites like Estel’s and El Fogon are still serving family recipes.  Don’t believe us?  Take a food tour with Belize Food Tours!


Ramon’s Village may have suffered damage on their pier, but their staff and kitchen at Pineapples are in high spirits and cooking up a storm… okay bad choice of words!

5. Have a Cocktail

Of course, a tropical concoction to enjoy with that view.  Check out this Smurfita we had at Rio Bar and Grill yesterday!


6. Rent a Golf Cart and Explore

Yes our main mode of transportation on the islands are golf carts and with the roads now clear of debris you can feel free to enjoy the scenery as you travel in paradise.


7. Go Fishing

The biggest fish you’ll ever catch is out there waiting and boats and guides are lined up and ready to take you there!


8. Visit the Mainland

There is plenty to enjoy inland too!  You can make chocolate with the Mayans, visit the animals at the Belize Zoo, and even play with iguana at the San Ignacio Hotel! Remember Altun Ha?  We visited recently and you can visit too!


Here’s a list of Archaeological sites that are already open to the public after Hurricane Earl.


9. Relax and Enjoy the View

Clean up crews and volunteers from all over worked overtime all weekend to ensure you still have breathtaking views of our jewel whether you are in the jungle or on a beach somewhere in Belize.  Relax at a spa in the jungle or grab a beach chair and chill.  Can you see yourself here?


10. Meet Friendly People

A melting pot of cultures call Belize their home and our people are all ready to welcome you with open arms.  We’ve been hit, but we are not down so please don’t cancel your reservations!  iTravel Belize and you should too!


What did I miss?  What are you doing in Belize today?  Start the conversation in the comments below.

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  1. Love Ramon’s Village Resort. Their employees are fantastic. I knew nothing would keep this resort from coming back in record time. Congratulations to all in Belize for your ability to get back on your feet and live life.

  2. We have a trip planned on October 1 and are staying at sun breeze hotel. We are senior citizens and need the ease of dive shop being on premises. We can’t drag our dive gear around anymore. Is the dive shop still on sight there? Would it be better cou us to postpone to later date? Are the reefs covered with sand? Advise we save up for these trips and don’t want to be disappointed. We need sun breeze to have the all inclusive air conditioning and dive shop and still excellent dives? ThAnks Millie monaghen

    1. Ambergris Divers is the dive shop on site at the Sunbreeze Hotel and they will cater to your needs. The reef has been reported to be in healthy conditions with little to no damage caused to it by the hurricane. Diving trips have resumed as normal on Ambergris Caye.

      Sunbreeze also houses Blue Water Grill on site, which is one of the most popular on the island, the hotel has a pool and is central to San Pedro Town. You should have no problems in getting around

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