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I’m gonna quote my daughter and say “Belize Food Tours – Best idea EVER”! My curiosity got to me when Dora and Felipe came by with a goodie box filled with surprises and a special invite. No, I could not wait until the tour to find out what this was all about. So, we scheduled their very next available date and met them over at Lily’s for some ceviche and some chitchat.

Learning their story made me proud to be Belizean. After personal struggles brother and sister set out to find a business they could start together, nurture and be proud of. Dora originally wanted to open a cultural restaurant to showcase the foods of Belize that she so loves, but this required a big investment. Her entrepreneurial spirit would not let the idea go and so she scoured the internet for the next best thing and found food tours trending. She knew she had to get her brother to do this with her and so Felipe and Dora began a new journey together as brother and sister. Dora traveled to Guatemala to experience a food tour for herself and was sold on the idea that this could work in Belize.

Having experience as a tour guide and being the character that he is, Felipe was immediately voted to the spotlight as tour guide. He’s determined to make you feel like you have family in San Pedro by the end of the tour,  even if this is your first visit to the island.  Dora’s attention to detail shines on every stop of the tour and in their very successful marketing. Their Instagram account, @belizefoodtours, is young, but already one of my favorite accounts by Belizeans. Felipe’s girlfriend, Monica, and Dora’s husband, Gus, have joined them to make the perfect team on this family’s adventure of food, culture and history.


Felipe gearing up to start the tour


The dream team at Belize Food Tours

Our iTravel Belize Family had the pleasure of joining Belize Food Tours on their very first tour, one of three tours offered for the time being on their website. The tour started at Central Park and made it’s way through an ancient Mayan burial ground; ok, what used to be according to the team’s research. I’m totally not going to spoil this tour for you so if that’s what you were expecting, I’m sorry. You’re going to have to take the tour and see it, taste it, and hear it for yourself!

We are excited to see this team’s dream of expanding to other parts of the country become a reality. Felipe already has his favorite eateries in Cayo picked out although Dora thinks the list needs a little tweaking. Even if you’ve been to the places they select on the tours, maybe you haven’t had what they’ve selected from the menu or heard the story behind the food.

As a proud Sanpedrana, I can tell you this, the tour took me back to my childhood and had me chocked up at a number of stops. I’m so proud to see our culture being showcased by such a lively group of talented Belizean entrepreneurs. You want to see San Pedro through the eyes of a local? You want to experience the heart of our little island through food? You want some grins and giggles to remember? Go take a walk with the people on our map at Belize Food Tours!






















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