Snapchat Pen Lens Revealed

Madison PearlMadi in the Middle 3 Comments

Wow wow wow! Can I just say I’ve been waiting for Snapchat to do this?  I’m so excited about their new lens!  I mean, I love the fact that we can make emoji’s move in video, but I always said it would be cool if our drawings could move too, and now they can!!! Yay!!!

Think of the possibilities of this!  My family and I have already started creating story boards of all the cool ideas to snap for you. In the meantime, I will leave you with this quick video of me playing with the new pen lens.  As always, remember I can’t snap with strangers, but please please please leave me a comment below and if you like my silliness share this post on Facebook.  Your comments make my day!  Happy Snapping!

snap flyer

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    1. Are you the Julia Torres who sold us a penthouse at Royal Mayan in Cancun in 1986? We loved Cancun and the Royal Mayan.

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