My Pokémon Pic in Belize is Better than Yours

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Happiness is everywhere if you take the time to look, and apparently so are Pokémon!  These virtual creatures have been flooding social media feeds for the past week as Pokemon Go goes viral.

Pokémon Go, a new augmented reality game available on iOS and Android devices is seemingly taking over more than just the internet.  In the past couple of days I’ve read everything from “it makes people go outside and move more” to “it’s helping people with depression and anxiety”.

My first reaction to this was that I didn’t need another app on my phone taking over my life.  I have no problem going outside, I live in Belize!  I swim with sharks, I zipline the jungle, I bike, I hike, I tube, I sail, I explore!

Still, curiosity got me again and the app now has a home on my phone.  The idea of augmented reality just had me wondering how it all worked and more importantly: “Would it work in Belize?”

Yes, it sure did and in true iTravel Belize fashion, the family and I set out to the nearest amazing destination to test out the app.  Altun Ha was the perfect place, lots of open space and plenty of hiking and beautiful views.  Of course, our reality cannot be complete without the people we love most in it and so here’s our “augmented reality”, from the jewel we call home, Belize…


Pokémon captured in front of the Temple of Sun God


Madi got one too!


Of course they jump! #FAIL


So many along the way, we had to stop and catch them all!


A few of our favorite Pokéstops


We played well into the evening


Even app freezing made for good photos

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