How to Unplug and Unwind in Belize

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In a time when it is so hard to detach from your mobile devices, finding activities that allow you some true experiences without having to instantly connect and post something on Snapchat, Facebook and Instagram are difficult to come by. I am guilty of burying my head into my smart phone and detaching myself from reality. But let me tell you about one of my favorite destinations in Belize that My Traveling Feet just love to visit and UNPLUG! The best part is that you will not even miss being hooked up to Wifi!!



Located in the lower southeaster corner of the reef in Belize, the Half Moon Caye at Lighthouse Reef Atoll makes being isolated in the middle of nowhere more therapeutic than stressful. In fact, disconnecting from the world will be the best thing you ever did.



Half Moon Caye is one of my favorite cayes (islands) in Belize. It is simply gorgeous, lush with and endless view of coconut trees and quiet to only the natural sounds of the crashing waves on the coral reef literally just steps away from the beach. The sounds of the palm trees swaying in the breeze and the chirping of the Booby and Frigate Birds

high above are soothing. Listen closely and you can actually hear the hermit crabs making their way across the natural paths and the scramble of iguanas through the fallen leave as you make your way to the Booby Bird Sanctuary.



So there is no time to panic about the nearest WiFi spot, because there isn’t any around. Guess what, you will be amazed and consumed by the natural beauty of the island that the only thing on your mind will be soaking up some rays and taking in all that tranquility. Okay! You will definitely pick up your phone/camera to take pictures, which you can share and make your friends jealous when you get back to civilization and the internet.

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