Eat More Lionfish and Save the Belize Barrier Reef

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I say “Eat more Lionfish and save the reef while you are at it.” It’s delicious, even RAW! I had my first taste of raw fish at during Ambergris Caye’s Reef Week Lionfish tournament. Dipped in a little soy sauce, Mmmmm! Yummy! That’s the best thing about Lionfish – they are delicious, so you don’t feel guilty killing so many of them at a time.

Yes they are venomous but you only have to be careful when handling them, just leave that to the expert fishermen of San Pedro. Once filleted they pose no threats and you can enjoy a tasty fillet (just like grouper) or a fresh ceviche; you won’t regret it. Ask for it at your favorite island restaurant; they might not be a part of the menu, but most will have the fish in kitchen.

Lionfish ‘crudito’ – fresh, raw straight out of the sea

Did you know that the invasive and venomous Lionfish pose a big threat to our Belize Barrier Reef? Yup, they can drastically reduce other small prey fish populations by as much as 80% and one female can release up to 30,000 eggs every four days! They eat as many as 70 different species and just one can consume 20 fish in half an hour.

WOW! That is one hungry fish!!!

484 Lionfish were caught in one day, just at this tournament!!!

That’s why it is our job to keep their population down, but luckily Belize has various tournaments throughout the year to help manage and keep their population to a minimum. The San Pedro Lionfish tournament is one fun way to catch, kill and spread awareness of their threat to our Barrier Reef. So eat all the Lionfish to your heart’s content!

Eat More Lionfish

Prize was given out to the smallest Lionfish caught

Lionfish fillet competition was fun to watch. Look out for those venomous spines!!!

Lionfish Tournament San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize

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