I Came out of Belize Tattoo Expo Impressed and in Shock!

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We revisited the international Belize Tattoo Expo this past weekend and walked out the arena totally impressed with the works of art by the professional tattoo artists but also in shock after we witnessed the freak show that was part of the expo’s entertainment lineup.

Both the tattoos and the freak show have become a big draw at the Tattoo Expo, now in its second year (Click Here for 1st Annual Tattoo Expo). This time around there were lots more regional and international artists, a seminar for the participants, entertainment and lots more inking going on.

We are not necessarily fans of tattoos (on our bodies) but admire the art and can appreciate the esthetics of a beautifully inked tattoo. Madi on the other hand was eager to get her henna tattoo; will she opt for something more permanent when she gets older…we shall see.

The buzzing of tattoo guns filled the air as we witnessed artists from Mexico, Brazil, Costa Rica, USA and Belize, each unique in their style, technique and skill. We were three of hundreds who went to enjoy the two-day tattoo expo; there was plenty of artists at work to admire, food, souvenirs and entertainment.

Belize Tattoo Expo

Belize Tattoo Expo

Speaking of entertainment! That freak show was FRIKIN’ FREAKY, but entertaining nevertheless! Three different people were suspended in mid air via body piercings. OUCH! YES!  Holes were pierced on their backs with metal clamps, they were hooked up to ropes and pulled up into the air! YAH! Oh wait! The FREAKIEST part was when one of the guys, who was already suspended from six different hooks on his body, used two hooks on his chest to lift another young man in the air!! Watch the video; it shows it all!!! Craziest show I have ever seen.

Congratulations to Wimps Sosa, local tattoo artist of San Pedro, for once again organizing such a unique event that the entire family can enjoy. A great addition to the lineup of festivals in Belize. Can’t wait to see what next year brings!!

Belize Tattoo Expo Belize Tattoo Expo Belize Tattoo Expo Belize Tattoo Expo Belize Tattoo Expo Belize Tattoo Expo Belize Tattoo Expo Belize Tattoo Expo Belize Tattoo Expo Belize Tattoo Expo

The Freakiest of Freak Shows of Any Tattoo Expo

Belize Tattoo Expo

Carlos Lopez admits that it was his first time picking up someone else with his body piercings

Belize Tattoo Expo Belize Tattoo Expo Belize Tattoo Expo

At the end of the expo prizes (including ink, tattoo guns) and trophies were handed out to the best artists of the event: Expo winners include:

Color: (Excellent use of Colors)
First Place: Angel Azul (Mexico)
Second Place: Tito Zambrano (USA)

Best in Realism (Precisely Depicts Artwork of Customer)
First Place: Adolfo Rubio
Second Place: Geraldo

Black and Grey
First Place: William Robin Ferramosca (Brazil)
Second Place: Robin Carpio

Most Creative
First Place: Angel Azul
Second Place: Robin Carpio

Best in Show
William Ferramosca

Belize Tattoo Expo

First Place Color & for Most Creative: Angel Azul (Mexico)

Belize Tattoo Expo

First Place Realism: Adolfo Rubio

Belize Tattoo Expo

Second Place Realism: Geraldo

Belize Tattoo Expo

First Place Black & Grey: William Robin Ferramosca (Brazil)

Belize Tattoo Expo

Best in Show: William Robin Ferramosca


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