Madi in the Middle

Green Iguana Conservation

Green Iguana Conservation Project – A Learning Adventure

Our year started with happiness, silliness and lots of iguanas on our heads! What??? One Iguana, two iguana, three iguana, MORE!!! You read right, our first adventure of the year was a weekend at the San Ignacio Hotel and a special tour of their Green Iguana Conservation Project. I was ...
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Pizza at the Truck Stop

Holy Pizza Truck Stop!

This is a blog that I have been wanting to write for a long time, but I felt like it was missing something. Something like PIZZA! The Truck Stop is an amazing kid friendly place up north here on Ambergris Caye. It has lots of yummy food and fun activities ...
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Madi post surgery

How to Survive Surgery Like A BOSS!

This blog post is SUPER late cause it took me a while to catch up with school after surgery. I’m so glad to be sharing my stories with you all again! Here are five things you have to do to survive surgery if you ever need it. 1. Find a ...
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How this 10-Year-Old Survived Hurricane Earl

Yay, I survived my first hurricane! Let me tell you about this Hurricane Earl dude. He had us running up and down for food supplies and some people had to evacuate their homes or even leave the island. He made us put wood on our windows! Like my cousin Alana ...
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Snapchat Pen Lens Revealed

Wow wow wow! Can I just say I've been waiting for Snapchat to do this?  I'm so excited about their new lens!  I mean, I love the fact that we can make emoji's move in video, but I always said it would be cool if our drawings could move too, ...
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