My Traveling Feet Dig into White Sands at Mahahual

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It’s an up and coming touristic village along the Costa Maya of Mexico (southern end of the Yucatan Peninsula) and it’s very close to Belize. In fact, more and more locals from Ambergris Caye make frequent trips to Mahahual than the big city of Chetumal. Mahahual is yet another neighboring destination where Belizeans can go for a little escape.


Little fishing town by the sea no more, Mahahual Mexico


Mahahual’s coastline is very picturesque


Businesses along the boardwalk offer service on the beach – palapa seating, beach/lounge chairs, food & drinks and more


Local Mexican craftsmen/artist line the boardwalk selling their unique creations

With a new cruise port showing promising signs for the development of the sleepy town by the sea, Mahahual is experiencing an upward trend in tourism as can be seen with the new restaurants and hotels popping along the coast line. It has the only cruise pier to the south of the state of Quintana Roo. Not so long ago it was nothing more than a few beach palapas and a Mexican Navy base. It reminds me of how Ambergris Caye was before it became the mecca of tourism for Belize. #Nostalgia

What’s attractive of Mahahual right now is its white sandy beaches, totally undisturbed by piers and the proximity of the reef just 100 feet from the beach. Really! It is like being at Rocky Point on Ambergris Caye. A few strokes of the paddle on a kayak and you are at the reef. Chetumal has the allure of big shopping malls, movie theaters, night life and an endless option of Mexican Restaurants; and while Cancun has that PLUS the gorgeous beaches: Mahahual offers the tranquility most people look for.

Yeah, like all cruise ship ports do, it has brought some tourist-friendly shops and bars to the north side of town, but towards the south end of Costa Maya you will find your own private beach and serenity. Despite all the cruise ship ‘tourist’ activity, Mahahual has managed to retain a pretty laid back Caribbean vibe with its own unique touch of Mexico/Maya roots. Away from the cruise ship port and tourist village facilities is the Mahahual Malecon, or sidewalk that the Mexican government has invested in making attractive for visitors.


Time to RELAX!!!


Rent a kayak or paddle board and get to the beach in less than three minutes

This past weekend, My Traveling Feet visited Mahahual following Belizean anglers competing in the 25th edition of the Governor’s Cup Fishing Tournament. Belize has been well represented for many years in the tournament with anglers performing well, giving Mexican anglers a run for their money. (Click Here for More on the Governor’s Cup)


Anglers take off on Day One of Governor’s Cup


my-traveling-feet-mahahual-mexico-07 my-traveling-feet-mahahual-mexico-11

It was my second visit to Mahahual; I was there about a couple years back and change was evident in the increased number of hotels, bar and restaurants. There are a lot more choices and everybody is eager to host you beachside, offering seafood, beers, margaritas, massage by the beach, kayaking, paddle boarding, snorkeling and even diving. Mexico’s only atoll (Belize having three of the only four in the region) is immediately in front of Mahahual.

My Traveling Feet did not go fishing in Mahahual, believe it or not I’m not that into fishing!!! WHAT!! Yeah!! #DontHate. I was there to cover the fishing tournament and sink my feet in the sand. I needed to relax as the entire month of May has me booked with festivals, expos, reviews and lost more traveling…

I leave you with more images of Mahahual, Mexico


It’s a hard life in Mahahual – Dive instructor waits for his diving group to arrive


Divers get on their boats directly from the beach


my-traveling-feet-mahahual-mexico-15 my-traveling-feet-mahahual-mexico-03my-traveling-feet-mahahual-mexico-24

I tried a little bit of fishing, but it is def not my ‘thing’


I rather just see the boats off and head to the beach


Not to brag, but Belize (San Pedro, Ambergris Caye especially) has the BEST ceviche in the world. Mexico cannot compare…had to add a bit more salt, lime and peppa to this one, but delicious non-the-less


The whole fried fish is AMAZING tho; I could have eaten like three of these all by myself


Our accommodations at El Fuerte

my-traveling-feet-mahahual-mexico-16 my-traveling-feet-mahahual-mexico-22


PEACE OUT!!! Until next time Mahahual


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  1. Hi!
    I am curious about travelling from Ambergris Caye to Mahahual. What is the best way to do this?

    1. Post

      People generally charter a boat to the border village of Xcalak, Mexico from Ambergris Caye and then take a taxi from the to Mahahual. But that can prove to be costly as the boat charter can prove expensive. Some can charter a boat directly there as well. Another option is flying to Corozal Town from Ambergris Caye and then traveling to Mahahual by road crossing the Mexican Border.

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