The Highest Zip Line in Belize, One Terrified Mom and More

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Conquering a Zip Line should be a breeze after skydiving right?  Not so much for this mom! I still can’t explain the overwhelming sense of fear that came over my body when I got strapped to the first line at Mayan Sky Canopy Tours.

“Mom, but you jumped out of an airplane!” Madi was quick to point out that her mom was braver than this scaredy-cat I had suddenly turned into. Dorian kept waving and I’m sure he was wondering what the heck was keeping us from following and meeting him on the other side of the line. My fear of heights was back and I knew the only way to tackle it was to hold on to that strap and jump! So I did and I even managed to keep my eyes open!

I’ve been Zip-Lining before, but nothing quite this high or long.  My thrill seeker friends, you have to try this! The adrenaline rush and the view make the fear of heights seem so insignificant, once you’ve taken the leap of course. My eleven-year-old daughter one-upped me this time. She was brave enough to hold the GoPro while I clung to my straps for dear life.  I have never laughed at myself more.

After the big adrenaline rush, it was only fair to get to enjoy the river we kept zipping across. Luckily Mayan Sky Canopy Tours also offers River Tubing! The South Stann Creek River has class two rapids which make for a fun refreshing end to the tour.

Facts about Mayan Sky Canopy Tours

  1. Mayan Sky Canopy Tours is 28 Miles from Placencia
  2. The highest zip line is over 400 feet above the Valley in the Maya Mountain Foot Hills
  3. From January to March, endangered Scarlet Macaws will join you flying by at the same height as the zip lines
  4. The length of the longest zip line is 1,500ft long
  5. Canopy tour consists of 7 lines and 11 decks
  6. The river tubing tour is 2 miles long with class 2 rapids

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