Belize Food Tours – Best idea EVER!

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Have you heard about Belize Food Tours? If you know me, you know my absolute favorite thing is food! So, I was totally jealous of my parents when they told me they were going on a tour of San Pedro all about food! I can’t even tell you how excited I was when Ms. Dora and Mr. Felipe invited me to go too! Mom said I can’t tell you guys too many details about the tour, cause you all have to go check it out for yourselves.

Seriously, you can go to these places all you want, and believe me I’ve been to most of them lots, but you wanna go with Mr. Fel and Ms. Dora cause they have lots of cool info about the food and places. Like I had no idea that the big tree in my grandma’s restaurant was planted on my uncles first birthday! Hello… I practically live there… why didn’t anyone tell me this?

I’m so excited to share my snapchat story about the tour with you cause it’s a little peek at what you can expect on the tour. Don’t tell mom I’m sharing secrets!

As always, please comment below, cause the only thing I like as much as food is hearing what you all think about my adventures!


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