Sisimito Session Belize Electronic Music Weekend

Sisimito Session Belize Electronic Music Weekend

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January 28, 2017 @ 7:00 pm – January 29, 2017 @ 10:00 pm
+501 636 5015

Sisimito Records is hosting 2 parties at 2 locations on the last weekend of January — Heading into its third year as a growing must-attend electronic music event, Sisimito Sessions will take place on Jan. 28 and 29 on the Placencia Peninsula.

The yearly electronic music weekend is a showcase for the music of home-grown label Sisimito Records and its producers. To date, the event has attracted a combination of the local Placencia community, ticket holders from around the country and international guests. Based on growth in attendance over the past few years, organizers expect as many as 500 guests.

Sisimito Sessions will feature an accomplished DJ line up performing over a two-night period. An added element of the 2017 event will be a daytime workshop aimed at showing local artists the ropes of producing techno and tech-house.

Sisimito Records is the first Belizean based electronic music label, with an emphasis on Central American producers. The label’s music is widely available via Tidal, iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and other streaming services. Marcus Perigo, the founder of Sisimito, is a DJ and producer with dual citizenship of Belize and UK. He has played at many electronic music events in Central America and beyond.

“We can feel the momentum behind Sisimito Sessions building,” Perigo said. “In addition to attracting fans of electronic music, we invite people who may not be as familiar with it to join us for one great party!”

Sisimito Session Belize Electronic Music Weekend

5 Things to Know about Electronic Music and Sisimito Sessions:

1.    What is electronic music? Basically, music performed using synthesizers, drum machines and other electronic instruments. Nowadays, producers increasingly rely on computer programs to generate and sequence sounds.
2.    How can I hear a sampling of electronic music? Take a listen to Sisimito’s playlists on SoundCloud:
3.    Where did the name “Sisimito” come from? According to Belizean folklore, a Sisimito was a disruptive creature who appeared to be a cross between man and ape. It’s said that their heels were at the front of their feet and the toes at their back. Unsuspecting humans might think the creatures were traveling away from them, only to discover they were close by.
4.    What can I expect at Sisimito Sessions? A fun, inclusive dance party on the Placencia Peninsula.
5.    Ticket info: You can buy a weekend pass for $50. by going to

Sisimito Session Belize Electronic Music Weekend

1.       Sisimito Records playlist on SoundCloud:

2.       Facebook Page for Sisimito Records

3.       Facebook Event

4.       Tickets


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