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Belize Gastroenterology and Endoscopy Center, Dr. Irvin Gabourel
Belize Gastroenterology and Endoscopy Center is the first private clinic ...
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Belize Gastroenterology and Endoscopy Center


Aloe Vera Pharmacy

15 Aloe Vera Street
Tel:  202-2426

Alpha Drugs

162 Freetown Road
Tel:  223-1373


Belize Diagnostic Center

218 Leslie Street and Meighan Avenue
Tel:  224-5779

Belize Health Care Partners LTD.

Blue Marlin Blvd and Chancellor Avenue
Tel:  223-7870

Belize Integral Health Center

Curassow and Gibnut Street
Tel:  227-6722

Belize Pharma Supplies LTD.

15 6th Street Kings Park
Tel:  223-0760

Belize Red Cross

1 Gabourel Lane
Tel:  207-3319

Bella Mani Salon and Spa

4 Bishop Street
Tel:  207-0068

Body 2000 Health and Fitness

1441 Coney Drive
Tel:  223-2502


Central Drug Store

1 Market Square
Tel:  227-2317

Coral Grove Medical and Pediatric Center

3670 Scallop Avenue Coral Grove
Tel:  223-5437


Dr. Irvin Gabourel Clinic

3671 Blue Marlin Blvd.
Tel:  223-1770

Drugs Wholesale Depot

17 Southern Foreshore
Tel:  227-3200


Family Health Pharmacy

1 Queen Street
Tel:  224-5845

Freetown Drug Store

28 Freetown Road
Tel:  223-2876


Good Care Pharmacy

104 Cemetery Road
Tel:  227-1650


Heusner’s Professional Dentistry

42 Albert Street
Tel:  227-2583


M K Pharmacy

15 6th Street
Tel:  223-0855

Mapye’s Salon and Spa

1630 Buttonwood Bay Blvd.
Tel:  223-0419

Maruba Resort Jungle Spa

40 ½ Miles Maksal Road
Tel:  225-5555

Mesopotamia Pharmacy

4 Cemetery Road
Tel:  227-0017

Moguel’s Clinic

1225 Blue Marlin Blvd.
Tel:  223-0386


Sinai Dental Center

3rd Saint Thomas Street
Tel:  223-7376

Spiez Pharmacy Pound Yard Corner

Cemetery Road and West Collect Canal
Tel:  207-2227


Val-U-Med Pharmacy

106 A Princess Margret Drive


1st Choice Pharmacy

70 Cemetery Road
Tel:  227-6207