A Humble Home with a Million Dollar View

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There are some People On Our Map outside of the public eye, tucked away in what would seem to be forgotten little corners of our country. You meet them by chance and exchange a wave or a smile and if you’re lucky, you get a little more. Luck was on our side the day we walked by the Maldonado home in San Ignacio Town, Cayo.

The iTravel Belize team and I admired it’s rustic charm and immediately took our cameras out to capture the little wooden house.  Mr. Maldonado appeared greeting us cheerfully and hurried to get his granddaughter Vanessa who invited us in to see something bigger than the home itself.

As we walked through their home we were greeted by beautiful tiny faces, probably wondering what a trio of strangers was doing walking through their home.  Avianie and her sister stayed cautious, but curious enough to follow and peek at us as we made our way to the back veranda where Vanessa insisted we step out to see the view. What a view it was indeed! Suddenly all of San Ignacio was visible from the little deck hanging off the side of a hill. It was fascinating and perhaps made even more so by the warmth of the people sharing it with us.

To some this may not seem like much, but to the travel bloggers and it was a humbling experience to know that there are still People On Our Map willing to share what’s priceless with complete strangers in exchange for hugs and smiles.






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