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How cool is it that I can Blog Now; I’m a blogger? It’s kind of weird to think someone in Europe or something could be reading about my adventures in Belize. Ok, let me get going.

Road trips in Belize are the coolest. I have this awesome aunt that let us borrow “Big Mac” (that’s what she named her car) and we took off for a day to explore Belize. The iTravel Bloggers and I went to the zoo and of course it turned out to be all about me. Kids are just cute like that:) My mom wrote a story about it on iTravel Belize with so many pictures and they made a cool video.

MadisonEdwards1I had been to the Zoo a few times with my mom so I knew what was up before we got there. We got to see so many animals and Ms. Sharon even made me her assistant. She’s the lady that started the zoo and the animals love her so getting to see the zoo with her is so cool. You get to be really close to the animals and of course, take selfies with them.

After the zoo we went to Old Belize. They have a museum that shows how Belize used to be a long time ago. After the museum you can relax at the beach or go down the big water slide, but we all just wanted to eat after all that walking so we went to their restaurant instead and watched everyone else slide from the deck.

I hope you like my pictures and follow Unbelizeable Vacations. You can even send your own story for everyone to read. If you like my story I’ll write some more about where I live. It’s a cool little island in Belize. Where are you from? Mom says you can comment after this story so I can read what you think about it so make sure you let me know!

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