Moho Chocolate

Moho Chocolate


Moho Chocolate was established in January 2012 and is a producer of one of the highest quality chocolates made in Belize. All of the cacao used is sourced from Maya Mountain Cacao which is located in the pristine rainforest in the Toledo District of southern Belize; and farmed by local entrepreneurs.

The company has four outlets in San Pedro, Belize City -Tourism Village, Northern Shops and Philip Goldson International Airport. At the Tourism Village tourists get educated about chocolate in a “Bean to bar” presentation where they leave the company with their very own chocolate creation. Look out for their popular chocolate bars, milkshakes and much more at an outlet near you.


San Pedro Store
Opening Hours:
Tuesday to Sunday

Tourism Village
Fort Street, Belize City
Opening Hours:
*Only on Cruise Ship days

Northern Shops
1 Mile Philip Goldson Highway
Belize City
Opening Hours:
Monday – Saturday

Philip Goldson International Airport Store
Opening Hours:
Monday – Sunday
8am – 4pm

Tel: 501- 223-0661
Cell: 501-625-1980