Pineapples Restaurant

Pineapples On The Beach


A large Mayan stone head, over 16? tall, overlooks the indoor dining area from its lofty position surrounded by statues of other Mayan gods and ancient images. Plenty of tropical plants give you a magical feeling of satisfaction even before your food arrives.
The food is just one reason to come to Pineapples; the location and the view are two more good reasons, but the best reason may be to meet the wait staff.  You will love them!
Pineapples is right on the beach and is open air. Your view of the Caribbean Sea is in full focus. Pineapples’ 35? tall thatched-roof excites the imagination as to how the original islanders lived.


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Coconut Drive – San Pedro, Belize
U.S. Office: 1.800.624.4215 (MAGIC 15)
International: +601.649.1990
In Belize: +501.226.2071