Island Torch Bar & Grill Promises Hearty and Local Dishes

Find the Perfect Belize Breakfast and Hearty Local Dishes

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We have found the perfect place for a Belize breakfast in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye; well, another awesome place with a superb breakfast menu that you can have at any time of the day. Island Torch Bar & Grill offers large hearty breakfast options that will have you satisfied and full of energy for the rest of the day!

But Island Torch is more than just a place for big breakfast; although it has gotten popular as a hot spot for morning meals, the restaurant has amazing lunch specials that compare to homemade meals and evenings come alive with delicious pizza and beer/cocktails at the bar.

Island Torch opens bright and early at 6a.m. every morning, so you can have a great Belize breakfast before you head to the office or commence your daily rituals. Or you might just want to relax, sip on some good coffee while you update your social media status or check your emails. It is located across Central Park on Barrier Reef Drive so you can sit back and observe as the island comes alive.

Island Torch Bar & Grill Promises Hearty and Local Dishes Belize Breakfast

Island Torch immediately elevated its popularity by providing excellent food and being flexible with orders, most importantly, it is a family oriented place and one that caters to large groups if needed. Business people on the go and even large business groups make special breakfast orders that Island Torch provides at special prices.

Breakfast orders include a healthy Tropical Fruit Plate that is packed with fresh seasonal Caribbean fruits, the Belizean breakfast with the all-time favorite Fry Jack, refried beans and Dutch cheese, the Tex Mex which is eggs loaded with veggies and the signature Antorcha (Torch) breakfast that includes a ham & cheese omelet served with two pancakes, fruit, coffee and mixed fruit juice.

Fresh Tropical Fruit Plate Belize Breakfast

Fresh Tropical Fruit Plate

La Antorcha Belize Breakfast Island Torch Restaurant

La Antorcha Breakfast

You have to try the coffee at Island Torch; its rich and strong coffee, one of the best we have had on the island. Make sure you ask for the regular and frozen cappuccino. The mixed fruit juicies are also very delicious; they combine natural and fresh fruits of your choice and add little to know sugar at your specifications. They are a great choice for those who follow a more healthy diet.

Serving local Caribbean cuisine, Island Torch Belizean lunch specials include Stew Chicken, Caribbean Grilled Fish, Mayan Burrito, Coconut Curry Shrimp, and daily Belizean soup specials. Other options include ceviches, nachos, quesadillas, salads, pastas and burgers. Owner and cook Letty Garcia has been known for her delicious pizzas, so make sure you drop by Island Torch for your favorite pizza; it is definitely one of the top on the island.

With various delectable dishes and delicacies, Island Torch Bar & Grill is definitely a place that we recommend. Letty is super friendly and her staff is very inviting. You always feel at home when you stop by the quaint eatery and you always know that your taste buds will be titillated with the flavors of the island.

Tex Mex Belize Breakfast Island Torch Restaurant

Tex Mex Breakfast

Belize Breakfast Island Torch Restaurant

Belizean Breakfast

Delicious Frozen or Regular Cappuccino Island Torch Restaurant - Belize Breakfast

Delicious Frozen or Regular Cappuccino

Island Torch Bar & Grill Promises Hearty and Local Dishes Belize Breakfast

Island Torch Bar & Grill Promises Hearty and Local Dishes - Belize Breakfast



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