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My Traveling Feet

Are your traveling feet ready for adventure? Follow Dorian as he makes footprints around the country sharing his personal experiences as a Belizean traveler. Get to know Belize through a behind the scenes look at our travels as he shares, adventures, wild encounters and special moments on this personal blog. My Traveling Feet is the number one blog to read if you are looking to create your own unique Belizean Experience.

Madi in the Middle

We are so excited to support Madi's love of writing and share her stories with you! Let her show you how to travel Belize and bring your kids too! Follow her as she discovers the child friendly places and things to do in our tiny country. Tiny blogger + big big personality = fun stuff!

People on Our Map

This space is dedicated to everyone who has contributed in even the smallest way to making Belize the most inviting, beautiful little gem. Follow Amber as she proudly represent iTravel Belize and discovers the melting pot of color and spice that are the People On Our Map!

unBelizeable Vacations

You didn’t think we’d blog alone did you? We have created a unique space on iTravel Belize to feature YOUR Unbelizeable Vacations. Send us a short story about your day at the beach, a weekend in the jungle or your underwater adventures and see it published!

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Spoonful of Belize

Our newest and most anticipated blog yet!  Follow Amber on her mission to share one of the most culturally diverse cuisines in the world.  Belizean Cuisine is the result of so many cultures that have come to call it home.  We can't wait to share it with you, one Spoonful of Belize at a time!