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Lionfish Tournament in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize

I say “Eat more Lionfish and save the reef while you are at it.” It’s delicious, even RAW! I had my first taste of raw fish at during Ambergris Caye’s ...
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Eat More Lionfish and Save the Belize Barrier Reef

Victoria House Spa Experience

Our mission – to experience the 36 different spa treatments at the Victoria House Spa in one day; is it all possible? Greedy, maybe!? Jeje!! Then I thought about it ...
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Attempting 36 Treatments in One Day at Victoria House Spa

Island Dream Cocktail on board Island Dream's Yolo

The Island Dream – a house on the beach, a golf cart to get around (heck even a bicycle works), lazy days on the beach, adventures at sea, glorious sunrises, ...
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Living the Island Dream and Drinking it Too

The Girl that Snorkeled the Belize Barrier Reef

That’s me! I snorkeled the Belize Barrier Reef from North to South! The reef is huge and even after a week I didn’t get to see everything in our unique ...
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The Girl that Snorkeled the Belize Barrier Reef

reef swim 2017

You may have read about me joining a brave and very athletic group of swimmers during last year’s Reef Swim. We swam from the Amigo’s Del Mar Dive Shop to the ...
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Reef Swim 2017 – What a Way to Create Awareness

What is Maxi's and Why is Everyone Talking About It?

What is Maxi’s?  The question started popping up on social media on Saturday night as Facebook check-ins and Instagram posts drew curious minds to inquire. Maxi’s is the newest gastronomic adventure ...
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What is Maxi’s and Why is Everyone Talking About It?

seas d day house boat tour

FUN! is the operative word on board the Sea’s d Day house boat tour. What ways can you have FUN? How about kayaking the leeward side of Ambergris Caye, paddle ...
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Ready for Fun on a Cool House Boat Tour Around Ambergris Caye?

Estel's 6th Annual BBQ Ribs Cook Off

It all started with a group of four friend sitting around having a few beers and grilling some ribs. Of course the talk of who prepares the BEST finger-licking ribs ...
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Finger Licking Good, Estel’s BBQ Ribs Cook Off

Green Iguana Conservation

Our year started with happiness, silliness and lots of iguanas on our heads! What??? One Iguana, two iguana, three iguana, MORE!!! You read right, our first adventure of the year ...
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Green Iguana Conservation Project – A Learning Adventure

NO to offshore oil

I’m always so proud of Belizeans coming together when it matters most. In this past week alone we have seen several groups at home raising their voices against offshore oil ...
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Reef Quotes Worth Sharing by People of Belize

Toshiya Tsujimoto

There is a new Japanese Chef in town and he has everyone talking about Sushi! I always enjoy writing about People on our Map that join us from far away ...
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Sushi is the Star when Japan Meets Belize