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World Oceans Day - Snake Caye - Toledo Belize

No Better Way to Celebrate World Oceans Day Than in the Ocean

Our family was super excited to have joined Oceana Belize as they took us on a local tour of the Port Honduras Marine Reserve and Snakes Caye in observance of World Oceans Day. The day was filled with amazing panoramas of mangrove forests, a bird’s eye view of the reserve, ...
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Belize Tattoo Expo

I Came out of Belize Tattoo Expo Impressed and in Shock!

We revisited the international Belize Tattoo Expo this past weekend and walked out the arena totally impressed with the works of art by the professional tattoo artists but also in shock after we witnessed the freak show that was part of the expo’s entertainment lineup. Both the tattoos and the ...
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Lionfish Tournament in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize

Eat More Lionfish and Save the Belize Barrier Reef

I say “Eat more Lionfish and save the reef while you are at it.” It’s delicious, even RAW! I had my first taste of raw fish at during Ambergris Caye’s Reef Week Lionfish tournament. Dipped in a little soy sauce, Mmmmm! Yummy! That’s the best thing about Lionfish – they ...
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Victoria House Spa Experience

Attempting 36 Treatments in One Day at Victoria House Spa

Our mission – to experience the 36 different spa treatments at the Victoria House Spa in one day; is it all possible? Greedy, maybe!? Jeje!! Then I thought about it – kind of impossible when a full body scrub and relaxing facial took us most of the morning. Wishful thinking ...
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Island Dream Cocktail on board Island Dream's Yolo

Living the Island Dream and Drinking it Too

The Island Dream – a house on the beach, a golf cart to get around (heck even a bicycle works), lazy days on the beach, adventures at sea, glorious sunrises, fiery sunsets, cool trade winds, hammock siestas and the security of a close knit community. Oh! and tropical cocktails; can’t ...
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